Hair Extension Methods

The most important aspect of hair extensions is picking the right bonding technique for you. (The bond is the area of attachment).  Teri is an experienced extension artist who uses only the highest quality of hair extensions, and is knowledgeable with every system on the market.  She can inform you of the pros and cons of each system, but ultimately the decision is that of you, the client.  One system might be a favorite to one client, but not the next.  Budget is another aspect of hair extensions.  Please have an idea of how much you are willing to spend.  Hair extensions come in all sorts of price points ranging from a few hundred, to a couple thousand.  Teri has ALL systems available, which makes it easy and fun to try different forms and experiment for what is the best system for you.  She uses only top hair quality available, so rest assured that no matter what system you choose, the quality will be the best 100 percent human hair. Please research the different types and have a clear idea of which choice you’re interested in before your consult.  Prices cannot be listed on the web sight or given without a consultation.  Every client has different hair density, and length or volume choices.  Hair extensions come in all different lengths, ranging from 8 inch to 24 inches and are priced accordingly.


This is one of the most popular, longest lasting methods.  They are attached to the hair with a keratin or plastic and silicone bond. Hair Dreams and Great Lengths are two of the leaders in this market.  Both companies have perfected this technique. With proper maintenance, these will last 4 to 6 months.  The hair is not reusable and the system has to be completely taken out and new hair has to be reordered with removal and application.  The bonds are so small and non-detectable, that they are recommended for all hair types.


Nano rings are a single strand method.  The hair is applied strand by strand.  The rings need to be re applied over time and moved up the hair strand.  The hair is reusable. This is a very popular system


Weft extensions can be applied using different methods.  They are perfect for adding volume, or lengthening.

Teri chooses to use a method called “beaded weft extensions”.  This is a method that allows the hair to fall in the natural growth without pulling the natural hair and breaking it like traditional braided methods.  The bead will also last longer than thread that will break down over time with everyday washing and styling.  The weft itself will last a long time with proper maintenance.  Hair quality can be found in a wide array depending on how much you want to invest.  They will need to be adjusted every 6 to 8 weeks and moved up as your hair grows out.  Since the wefts can be a bit bulkier, these are recommended for average to thick hair.


Teri can special order your new set of clip ins. Choose from an array of colors,  and length.  She can color match, cut, apply and style your new set of clip ins.


Cutting and Coloring of hair pieces.  Bring in your hair piece and have it custom shaped, layered and colored.