• Teri Schudel is Portland’s Premiere Hair Extension Artist

Teri Schudel is Portland’s Premiere Hair Extension Artist utilizing only the best hair extension systems on the market, Great Lengths,  Hair Dreams and Halo.  With these three brands, all bonding methods are used including, bonding, tape, clip-ins and a daily piece called the “crown piece”.

Teri Schudel has over a decade of experience working with hair extensions. She is skilled in the art of the application, blending colors to match your hair perfectly, and cutting the extensions to blend naturally with your hair. Her clients rave about how natural their hair extensions look and feel, and no one can ever tell they are wearing hair extensions.

Great Lengths and Hair Dreams hair extensions are the safest and most gentle on the market. The bonds are engineered to expand and contract just like your own hair. The small bonds that are half the size other stylists use so your hair extensions will look REAL and LAST!

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